Meet Beverly


I'm a native Atlantan for generations back.  My great-grandfather had a yard full of  chickens on Peachtree  Street where the Bank of America building stands now.  My uncle Glenn had his professorship threatened and crosses burned in his yard for attempting voter registration in the 1940's.  Along with fried okra, I was reared, as were most of my generation, on school integration, women's rights, anti-war activism, and environmental protest.  Those issues tend to haunt my plays, my journalism, and my time in the classroom.  One final note, from  my college years until today, I've often found it necessary  to work  three jobs at a time.  The result?  Three resumes and three names under which I've published and produced work:  Beverly Bateman, Beverly Trader, and Beverly Trader Austin.  I enjoy everything I continue to do in my life, but I'm also passionate about two children, three stepsons, two daughters-in-law, and two calico cats.  To see more of  my checkered past and present,  just click on  the home icon below or the menu above.  Please open the headings themselves for an overview of each section.  Then, contact me.  I'd enjoy working with you.


My office assistant knows my files, inside and out.